DAY 1: JANUARY 30, 2012 (Monday)


8:00            Registration and breakfast


9:00            Welcome       

Paul Wright

Director CITRIS


9:10            Welcome

Mikkel Bulow Skovborg 

Innovation Center Denmark



SESSION 1:     Photonics and Applications

Session Chair:    Søren Forchhammer


9:20                Optical Antenna Based nanoLED 

Ming Wu and Michael Eggleston

UC Berkeley 


9:40                 Optical fiber wireless conectivity

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy

DTU Fotonik


10:00               Fiber-Wireless Networks for Short-Reach Applications 

Anthony Ngoma

Corning Incorporated


10:20               Metamaterial functional devices 

Connie Chang-Hasnain

UC Berkeley


10:40               Research and Education at DTU Fotonik

Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen

Director, DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark


11:00               Coffee break and networking



SESSION 2:      Wireless and Optical-Wireless convergence.

Session Chair:   Idelfonso Tafur Monroy


11:20               Integrated Optical/Wireless Access/In-Building Networks

Leonid Kazovsky, Kadir Albeyoglu, Tolga Ayhan and Talip Ucar

Stanford University


11:40               The future Internet - Drivers and enablers 

Lars Dittmann

DTU Fotonik


12:00               MIMO for white space communications in cognitive wireless networks

Elisabeth De Carvalho

Aalborg University


12:20               Low-energy-consumption light source to Si photonics chips

Il-Sug Chung

DTU Fotonik


12:40               High speed wireless communications for the last hop 

Klaus Doppler



13:00               Lunch


SESSION 3:     Poster session 1

Session Chair:  


13:50               Poster Presentations day 1


14:10               Coffee break and networking



SESSION 4:      Video Communication and display

Session Chair:      Elisabeth De Carvalho


14:30               Temporally consistent 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes using structured light

Avideh Zakhor

UC Berkeley


14:50               Coding depth for 3D and optimal backlight display control

Søren Forchhammer

DTU Fotonik


15:10               Analysis and simulation for designing light field 3D display

Amir Said

HP Labs, US


15:30               Building microsystems on the surface of the eye

Babak Parviz 

University of Wasington 


15:50               Student presentations

Chair:               Idelfonso Tafur Monroy


16:30               Wine reception



DAY 2: JANUARY 31, 2012 (Tuesday)


8:00                 Registration and breakfast


9:00                 Welcome

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy 

DTU Fotonik 


SESSION 5:      Biophotonics 1

Session Chair:   Jesper Glückstad


9:10                 Keynote address: Multiscale imaging of biological form and function

Jan Liphardt 

UC Berkeley 


9:50                 Assembling matter by light - tailored light fields for advanced optical manipulation 

Cornelia Denz  

Univ. Münster


10:10               Modulation of fluorescent signals by nano- and microstructuring of surfaces

                        for biomedical microdevices

Dan Nicolau

Univ. Liverpool


10:30               Making Light Deliver: optical methods for cell transfection 

Kishan Dholakia and Yoshihiko Arita

Univ. St. Andrews


10:50               Coffee break and networking


SESSION 6:      Biophotonics 2

Session Chair:   Jesper Glückstad


11:20               iTweezers

Miles Padgett

Univ. Glasgow


11:40               Optothermal actuation of nanofluidic DNA chips

Anders Kristensen, Rodolphe Marie, Henrik Flyvbjerg, Lasse H. Thamdrup, Kristian Hagsted Rasmussen, Anil H. Thilsted, Johan Eriksen, Christopher James Luscher, DTU Nanotech  

Kalim U. Mir, The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford University. 


12:00               Plasmonic biosensing - nanoscale light manipulation to study biological systems              

Jonathan Cooper and Alasdair Clark

Univ. Glasgow


12:20               Ratchet effect in deterministic mesoscopic systems

Karen Volke-Sevulpeda

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


12:40               Excitation and characterization of higher order modes in optical fibers

Karsten Rottwitt and Lars Rishøj

DTU Fotonik


13:00               Lunch



SESSION 7:      Poster session 2

Session chair:    


14:00               Poster presentations day 2


14:40               Coffee break and networking



SESSION 8:      Biophotonics 3

Session Chair:   Idelfonso Tafur Monroy


15:00               Optical robotics on the BioPhotonics Workstation 

Jesper Glückstad

DTU Fotonik


15:20               cell-BOCS: Bio-Optofluidics Cell Sorter

Tue Roth

OptoRobotix, US


15:40               Digital holography - stimulating neurons with light

Karl Kilborn



16:00               Super continuum in biomedical applications 

Carsten Thomsen and Hui

NKT Photonics


16:20               The (microfluidic) chip and the photon: requirements and trends for commercial

                        lab-on-a-chip solutions 

Holger Becker

Microfluidic Chipshop


16:40       Student presentations


17:30       Poster Awards for days 1 and 2

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy and Jesper Glückstad

DTU Fotonik


18:00       Closing dinner