Day 1: January 31st (Monday)

09:00  Welcome

Lars Beer Nielsen

Innovation Center Denmark       


Session 1: Photonics and Networking 1          

09:10  Resilient Optical Access Networks

Leonid Kazovsky, Dirk Breuer, Erik Weis, Saurav Das, She-Hwa Yen, JaeYoung Kim

Stanford University

09:30  Cognitive Optical Networks

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Darko Zibar

Technical University of Denmark, DTU Fotonik

09:50  Recent research break through towards cost-effective mass-market WDM-PON

S. Dahlfort

Ericsson, Inc

10:10  Directions for Energy Efficient Optical Access

Peter Vetter and Dusan Suvakovic

Alcatel Lucent 

10:30  Google's experimental fiber network

James Kelly



10:50  Coffee break and networking


Session 2: Wireless and Optical-Wireless convergence                          

11:10  Sensor networking on the power grid: opportunities and challenges

Anna Scaglione

U C Davis

11:30  Beyond Conventional Networking: Interference and Interactions 

Marco Levorato

Stanford – USC

11:50  A view on optical-wireless converged NG-FTTH networks

Adolfo Cartaxo, José Morgado, Tiago Alves, Filipe Carvalho, DanielFonseca and Joao Rebola

Institute of Telecommunications,  (Portugal)

12:10  Protocol Coding and Wireless Secondary Channels: Some Applications and Capacity Results

Petar Popovski and Zoran Utkovski

Aalborg University and Ulm University, Germany

 12:30  Towards Fiber-Fed Wireless Access at Multi-Gb/s Speeds

A. Ng'Oma,  J. George, and  M. Sauer 

Corning Incorporated

 12:50  Lunch


Session 3: Poster session 1                         

13:50  Poster Presentations day 1

14:10  Coffee break and networking


Session 4: Photonics and Networking 2          

14:30  Passive Optical Networks for Mobile Backhaul

Ning Cheng

Huawei Technologies, USA

14:50  Advanced Modulation Formats and Digital Signal Processing for Next Generation Fiber Optics Networks

Dan Sadot, Alik Gorstein, Nir Sheffi, and Yanir London

Ben Gurion University and MultiPhy Ltd, Israel

15:10  Photonics in the Cloud and Future Computing Systems

Ben Yoo

U C Davis

15:30  Advances in Active Optical Networks (AON): results of the ICT ALPHA project

Mikhail Popov, Claus Popp Larsen, Anders Gavler, Pontus Sköldström and Viktor Nordell

ACREO Sweden 

15:50  Panel 1: Photonics, Networking and Optical-wireless convergence

16:30  Wine reception





Day 2: February 1st (Tuesday)

09:00  Introduction/keynote: "Integrated In-vivo Photonic Biosensors"

James Harris

Stanford University

Session 5: Bio-photonics 1                          

09:20  A Next Generation BioPhotonics Workstation

Jesper Glückstad

Technical University of Denmark, DTU Fotonik   

09:40  Photonics for Life: Seeing and Touching Life with Light

Jonathan A. Palero, Susana I.C.O. Santos, David Artigas, and Pablo Loza-Alvarez 

ICFO Spain

10:00 Optical wavefront engineering for two-photon control of brain activity

Eirini Papagiakoumou

Univ. Paris Descartes

10:20  Advancing neurophotonics using three-dimensional light fields

Vincent R. Daria, Mary Ann Go, Christian Stricker, Steve Redman and Hans-A Bachor              

Australian National University


10:40  Invention to Commercialization: Brief History of University Technology Transfer of Holographic Optical Trapping

Nicole Grynaviski

Univ. Connecticut

11:00  Coffee break and networking


Session 6: Green Communications                                 

11:20  Plasmonic Crystal Lasers

Ming Wu, Amit Lakhani, Myung-Ki Kim and Erwin Lau

U C Berkeley

11:40  Optomechatronics on the Nanoscale:  MEMS/NEMS in information processing, communications and health care

Olav Solgaard, Jae-Woong Jeong, Young Ik Sohn, She-Hwa Yen, Leonid Kazovsky

Stanford University

12:00  Energy Efficient Ethernet: from Copper to Optical Fiber

David Larrabeiti, Pedro Reviriego (U. Antonio de Nebrija), Jose A. Hernandez (U. Carlos III de Madrid), Jose A. Maestro (U. Antonio de Nebrija), Manuel Urueña (U. Carlos III de Madrid)

Univ. Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

12:20  Silicon-photonics light source realized by III-VI/Si-grating-mirror laser

Il-Sug Chung and Jesper Mørk

Technical University of Denmark, DTU Fotonik


12:40  The Road to Terabit Optical Ethernet

Daniel Blumenthal

U C Santa Barbara

13:00  Lunch


Session 7: Poster session 2                         

14:00  Poster presentations day 2

14:40  Coffee break and networking


Session 8: Bio-photonics 2              

15:00  New manufacturing methods to enable cost-effective optics for BioPhotonics

Palle Dinesen and Niels Christian Rømer Holm

Kaleido Technology

15:20  Spectroscopy for biophotonics applications

Bjarke Rose

Ibsen Photonics               

15:40  High power supercontinuum sources for biophotonics applications

Frederik Donbæk Nielsen, Thomas Feucther, Thomas Vestergaard Andersen, Jeppe Johansen and Carsten Thomsen

NKT Photonics DK


16:00  Nanophotonics for the biophotonics area

Horst-Günter Rubahnand  M.Madsen

University of Southern Denmark              

16:20  A new optical manipulation modality using Optical Lift

Grover Swartzlander

Rochester Institute of Technology


16:40  Panel 2: Green Photonics and Bio-photonics

17:30  Poster Awards for days 1 and 2

18:00  Closing dinner